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The Education America Network (EAN) is the country's most innovative education e-recruiting solutions provider. EAN is an effective, efficient, and affordable means for employers from across the United States to find, recruit, and hire quality teachers and other education professionals. A membership with Education America Network provides your school with access to one of the most flexible, convenient, and easy-to-use recruiting tools. EAN provides the ability to view thousands of resumes in our database in order to find high quality educators and other education professionals. Services and membership options for American educational employers are available to provide the level of service your school requires.

To satisfy the variety of needs from different education employers there are three membership levels available. Each membership has a set of base services as well as a number of enhanced services to help meet an employer's recruitment objectives.

Membership Levels

In order to meet the different needs for the employers who use EAN, there are a number of membership levels employers can access. Each membership has a set of base services as well as a number of enhanced services to help a school(s) meet their recruitment objectives.

  • Job Posting Packages : Post a single job posting for a period of 30 days or take out a 5 or 10 job posting package. Your job posting will be linked into your current application process and you will be given a free employer profile.
  • Core : The Core level is for schools that are looking for a basic e-recruiting solution. This level offers members services like: unlimited job posting, employer profile, link to your current application process, real-time statistics, resume database searching, international applicant filter, and more. Subscribing Core members will have full access to an Employer Center, set up specifically for your schoo and access to these and other services.
  • Advanced : The Advanced membership level is for the school or district that is looking to maximize the value and benefits of their online recruiting efforts. This membership includes all the services found in the Core level as well as other advanced services like new resume notification, high quality applicant filters, resume matching and much more. Unlike Core members, as an Advanced member our team of client service representatives will even do your job postings for you. All you have to do is send them to us.

Click here to view and compare the services in each membership level.

Click here for a complete list of the services and benefits you will be able to access as a member of Education America Network. Each level has been set up to provide subscribing members value in terms of effectiveness and cost. If you have any questions about the Education America Network's membership levels contact us at join@educationamerica.net.

Benefits of Membership

By making the Education America Network part of their recruitment strategy, our subscribing employers realize more value and benefits than those who do not use one of our solutions.

The benefits of an EAN membership includes:

  • Advertise open vacancies to a national audience,
  • Save thousands of dollars in annual advertising and recruiting costs,
  • More teachers and educators visit Education America Network than another education job board,
  • Receive applications quickly,
  • Easy-to-use,
  • Convenient and flexible, and
  • Dedicated, professional customer service representative to maximize your benefits.

Click here for a complete list of the services and benefits you will be able to access as a member of Education America Network.

The Value of Membership

Beyond being the largest and most visited education-specific job board in the United States, the value of an EAN membership includes:

  • More convenience
  • More effective tools
  • More ways find quality applicants
  • More flexibility
  • More ways to maximize your recruitment budget


The costs of an EAN membership are dependent on the membership level and size of your school or district. Please contact us at join@educationamerica.net.

Interesting in Becoming a Member?

Becoming a member of the Education America Network is simple. Click on the sign-up button below, and provide the requested information. Once your information is received, your account will be set up and one of our representatives will contact you to confirm your membership and provide you all the necessary account information. Thank you for your interest in the Education America Network. We look forward to assisting you meet your recruitment goals!

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