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Information for Advertisers - Media Kit
Banner Advertising Opportunities

Education America Network can offer your firm the ability to promote your products and services via banner advertisements that can be placed throughout our site. We offer a variety of placements on all our top visited pages. We can offer your products and services the exposure that will help you sell, sell, sell!

Types of Banner Advertising Opportunities

We offer CPM rates for blocks of impressions. The more purchased the cheaper the CPM rate. You can target your banner throughout the site or you can select them to be posted specific provinces or territories. We are selective regarding the types of organizations who advertise with us. Your firm must clearly be promoting products or services that target professional educators.

We can have numerous banner placements throughout our site. Contact us today and we will forward you our most popular banner advertising options. Click here to request information about advertising on Education America Network.

Some of our currrent and past advertisers:

  • Notre Dame College
  • Yorkville Education Group
  • University of Southern California
  • REA Inc
  • Disney English
  • Concordia University

Top 10 Trafficked Pages on Education America Network

Value Proposition of Banner Advertising:

  • A target audience of over 2.8 million educators annually
  • Highly targetted audience of teachers and other education professionals
  • Limited number of banners ads in rotation maximize exposure
  • Customize your banner to deliver the message to EAN's users
  • Flexible banner ad opportunities to meet your budget and your marketing needs
  • Multiple placement opportunities to get the exposure you desire

Get More Information:

Click here to request more information about advertising on Education America Network.

More Advertising Information:

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