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What is Bayside Montessori School?
Bayside Montessori School was formed by a group of dedicated teachers and parents to provide a high-quality Montessori-based education to students in Clear Lake City and surrounding areas. We are a non-profit corporation that is governed by a board of directors elected by the school's members. There is a one-time membership fee of $50 per family.

Bayside Montessori School offers classes for students in early childhood (ages 3-6), lower elementary (1st - 3rd grades), upper elementary (4th - 6th grades) and middle school (7th - 8th grades).

Early Childhood
Current research indicates that the preschool years are the most important for young children. Bayside Montessori’s child centered, developmentally appropriate classroom offers a wealth of activities for the young child to explore. An individually implemented curriculum, designed to spark the interest of the preschool child, the Montessori class is a stimulating environment for this age.

Bayside Montessori’s Early Childhood class offers a low teacher/child ratio allowing your child to grow and develop at their own pace. Along with a strong academic curriculum, your child will be offered daily activities in art, music, imaginative play and social skills. Learning to work beside a friend, how to settle a dispute respectfully and gaining skills for independence come naturally in this environment, led by a teacher well versed in child development. Strong parent communication is a part of all of our programs, and begins here in the Early Childhood environment. Parent interaction, volunteerism and assistance are welcomed at Bayside, and provide a foundation for the joint education and development of your child.

Children of elementary age are intellectually curious and socially oriented. Montessori classrooms at this age level provide ample opportunities for these needs to be met. Having moved from the Early Childhood program the young elementary student is exposed to not only his own culture, but the cultures of the world, through small group activities, art, music, drama, and literature. Children of this age become engrossed in the “why” of things and are exposed to a curriculum rich in geometry, history, grammar, science, language and math.

As the children mature in the elementary grades, the types of activities change. The more socially oriented the children become the more outside activities are incorporated into the curriculum. Monthly cooking activities that include planning, purchasing and cooking for the entire class; group projects that include community service; and a week long camping trip give this age group the opportunity to explore the outside world within the safety of trusted teachers. Responsibility for daily planning, group meetings, fund raising activities and group presentations all give these children leadership and time management skills.

At Bayside Montessori the elementary class maintains a low teacher/child ratio and provides a full curriculum, which addresses the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of this age group. At the same time, the children are guided towards their full potential while working in an emotionally safe and academically stimulating environment.

Middle School
When a child enters adolescence there are a number of changes that begin to take place both physical as well as cognitively. The observed physical changes could be very dramatic while in the cognitive arena we begin to see a move towards formal thinking. It is during this time period when adolescents begin to display a unique type of self-centeredness and self-consciousness. A new type of formal thinking begins to develop one where children begin to understand their potential, to form conjectures and gain a better understanding of abstract ideas. Due to this new found ability and desire to explore various possibilities adolescents often find themselves overwhelmed with their surroundings and the choices they have to make. They are curious and often want to explore all venues that are open to them. This ability and desire to explore a variety of possibilities gives them the desire to work on large projects that are relevant and meaningful to them, while at the same time providing real life experiences.

Bayside Montessori School aims to provide a balance between the personal and cognitive needs of the adolescents. This is accomplished not only by providing a curriculum that is aimed specifically at meeting the multiple intelligences of the adolescents but through a practical life program where the student’s skills, interests and abilities are allowed to develop.

Our environment is a place where students are encouraged to learn how to learn, how to work cooperatively with other people and how to deal with what life has to offer.

Bayside Montessori School is a private organization

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