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Operational Procedures

The key word in explaining both the programming and scheduling at this facility is "alternative". Alternatives to the regular program have been designed creatively in order to ensure maximum benefit for the participating students. The schedule has three regular shifts (morning, afternoon and evening) plus a floating shift wherein the teacher and the student will agree upon times to meet and review the weekly work which the student has accomplished. There are 20-25 students in each shift. Each of the regular shifts consist of 4 classes which are 45 minutes each. Classroom activities are conducted four days per week. An additional 7 hours minimum of library or internet oriented independent study per week is required of each student.

Add to this the amount of time students participate on the job in the Work Experience Program and each student will perform 35 hours of school per week which is about the same total figure that students at the high schools are required to do. The floating shift will consist primarily of internet based "distance learning." Students in this shift will be required to meet with the teacher at least once per week.

There are six major camponents to our program.

1) Basic Education:

We provide a "back to the basics" educational opportunity which is physically separated from the traditional school. During the academic portion of the program we will emphasize reading, writing, and math. We will use an interdisciplinary approach, and we will follow the state guidelines for Profiles of Learning. We will be highly individualized with the needs of all students.

2) High Technology:

we use a very sophisticated computer education curriculum. All of our students will learn to use both Macintosh and IBM systems. We use a computer program called Learning 2000, supplemented with a variety of other computer programs which teach specific skills including digital graphics, digital photography, and digital video editing. Students will be involved in some level of distance learning using lessons on the internet.

3) Volunteerism:

All of the students are required to perform a minimum of 40 hours of Volunteer work. In addition to that, most students will have the opportunity to earn a full credit of electives by doing 160 hours in a variety of volunteering situations. Some of the places the students will volunteer are: The House of Charity, Camilla Rose Nursing Home, The Salvation Army, Senior Citizens homes (raking leaves etc.), Toys for Joy, and many more.

4) Employment:

Students are required, as part of the school to work transition to maintain a minimum of 15 hours of employment per week. These jobs can range all the way from minimum wage positions at a fast food restaurant, to jobs in sales, production, banking and construction. Some of our students will be learning the basic employability skills necessary to keep a job, and some students will be learning careers that will put them on the road to independence. Jobs will be monitored and credit given for productive work.

5) Field Trips/Travel:

Students will be encouraged to participate in various field trips. We will take trips to visit places of historical and scientific significance in Minnesota, the United States, and other places in the world. Service activities away from the local area are also possible.

6) Independent Study:

Students are required to do seven hours of research oriented academic independent study per week. We believe that the value of these assignments goes beyond the scope of what is learned by doing them. We believe that students need to understand that learning is not confined to a school. Most of the assignments that students get will require them to do some level of research. They may have to go to the library, or they may only need to purchase newspapers or news magazines, or they may use the internet, but there will be some degree of research necessary each week. The fourth (or floating) shift will be based primarily on independent study. This will be accomplished using internet based distance learning, coupled with weekly individually scheduled teacher/pupil sessions.

Liberty High Charter School is a Charter School organization
Enrollment: 170
No. of Schools: 1

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