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Summary Information:
Employer: Grand Rapids Public Schools
Position Type: Admin./Support
Categories: Principal
School / Org: Lincoln Campus
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN6315
Posting Date: 6 February 2018
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Grand Rapids Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):


Location: Lincoln Campus

Additional Information:
Position: Principal – Lincoln School
Bargaining Unit: Exempt
Calendar: 44 Weeks Calendar Days: 231
Annual Salary: $80,306 - $91,086

GRPS MISSION: Our mission is to ensure that all students are educated, self-directed and productive members of society.

Summary of Position:
This individual serves as the visionary leader responsible for facilitating all phases of the school’s program, including the leadership and organization of the instructional (including social-emotional) program, administration, organization, and supervision of staff personnel and students. This position is responsible for managing all tasks related to the instructional programming, administration and organization of the programs and services provided. This position is responsible for continually monitoring and evaluating the program for compliance and ensuring quality programming and results for students. Position reports to the Executive Director of Special Education.

Essential Job Functions:
Essential functions, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include any of the duties, knowledge and skills outlined in this job description. This list is illustrative only, and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and duties performed by employees in this position. Employees are required to be in attendance and prepared to begin work at their assigned work location on the specified days and hours. Factors such as regular attendance at the job are not routinely listed in job descriptions, but are an essential function. Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:

* Knowledge Base: Leadership
- Maintains and communicates an informed vision of success for all students while treating all persons with civility, respect, and dignity
- Works with staff, students, parents, local educational agencies (LEAs), the Kent Intermediate School District (KISD) and community to build a shared vision of learning for all students. This includes progress monitoring, alignment of resources, and fostering innovation on valid measures, including IEP goals and objectives.
- Works with staff to use data, information, and research to set priorities, evaluate school programs, and collaborate for improved results.
- Works with staff, students, and families to link school priorities and strategies into the School Improvement plan to achieve school and district goals.
- Contributes to practices and norms that help build the program and GRPS.
- Establishes program routines that support and recognize habits of reflective practice, self-assessment, and personal renewal.

* Programs
- Assists staff in interpreting curriculum expectations, including PBIS, selecting appropriate instructional and social-emotional resources, developing differentiation strategies, and making the curriculum relevant for all students per the District’s Academic Plan and the School Improvement Plan.
- Uses the working knowledge of effective instruction in establishing school processes and routines that engage teachers/staff in regular monitoring of student progress and evaluation, adaptation, and improvement of instructional strategies which meet the individualized needs of students.
- Works with staff to establish building and district systems, processes, trainings, and shared leadership to ensure full compliance with the IDEA, Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education, and the Kent Intermediate School District Special Education Plan.
- Monitors, evaluates, and ensures development and implementation of quality IEPs and provision of a free appropriate public education.

* District Processes
- Forms relationships with staff, students, families, LEAs, and the broader school community and seeks out resources and support while advocating for the school/program.
- Ensures all segments of the community are included, involved, respected, and valued.
- Establishes regular systems of two-way communication with parents and community, while involving parents in their child’s education.
- Trains teachers/staff to lead collaborative inquiry, assists colleagues in developing evidence based goals and strategies, and disseminates successful improvement work.
- Works with staff to deepen student and school data analysis to evaluate and revise school improvement goals and strategies.
- Provides staff training and support to use the school’s data system for collecting, analyzing and interpreting multiple forms of data for progress and performance monitoring.

* Technology
- Learns and uses emerging technologies to increase productivity, develop leadership, and expand staff use of technology.
- Provides leadership, advocacy, and creative solutions for the schools use of technology to improve parent and community involvement, expand student learning opportunity, improve the monitoring and communication of student progress, and adapt the teaching and learning environment for better student results.
- Provides leadership that encourages and recognizes staff initiative and innovative use of technology to improve student results.

* Human Capacity
- Works with staff to evaluate the school’s professional learning culture and the impact of internal and external professional learning on student results.
- Identifies, develops, and supports staff, student and parent leaders with training, mentoring, coaching needed to carry out meaningful leadership in the school.
- Evaluates staff in accordance with state laws and district personnel evaluation policies

- Master’s Degree in administration, supervision or education. Pursuant to 380.1246 and District expectations, the individual in this position must either hold a valid Michigan school administrator’s certificate or not later than 6 months after he or she begins employment as a school administrator enroll in a program leading to certification as a school administrator and must complete the program within 3 years. The District may not continue the employment of an individual who fails to enroll in a program within 6 months or fails to complete the program within 3 years, or BA degree with comparable training and experience.
- Knowledge which is acquired through completion of a Master’s Degree and eligible for full approval as a Supervisor of Special Education.
- At least 3 years of successful experience in an area of Special Education administration or other positions of leadership, significantly related to the responsibilities of the job.
- Demonstrated strong dedication and related skills/knowledge for child-centered teaching and learning which builds student, family and community connections.
- Demonstrates ability and desire in managing diversity by creating an environment for all in the school community regardless of differences and similarities, to reach their full potential in accomplishing the objectives of the school and the District.
- Demonstrated administrative ability and experience in collaborative skills and attitudes to work with others in teams, effective interpersonal communication skills, creativity, optimism, problem solving and flexibility.
- Must meet the continuing education requirement per the State of Michigan.
- High level of interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations and documentation.
- Proven team leadership and problem solving (listen, identify problem and collaboratively problem solve).
- Demonstrated ability to make good decisions that are consistent and fair within contractual guidelines and Board policies
- Attention to detail in composing, typing, and proofing materials, establishing priorities and meeting deadlines.
- Good to excellent spelling, grammar and written communication skills.
- Excellent telephone etiquette and oral communication skills.

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