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Our Mission:

It is the mission of the Gardner Public Schools that each student achieves high levels of academic performance at each grade level as defined by state and local standards.

To achieve this mission, the Gardner Public Schools will provide settings that enable each student to master challenging curricula with the staff’s support and assistance. Students will think critically, communicate effectively, learn independently, and work collaboratively within a safe and nurturing school.

The Gardner Public Schools will provide an environment in which each student will develop skills to become a responsible, contributing member of society. To this end, the Gardner Public Schools will provide collaborative opportunities among students, parents, and community to achieve this shared educational mission.

Gardner Public Schools Vision Statement

For the children of Gardner Public Schools to benefit from an exemplary education, the school district must have a clear sense of its goals, the characteristics of its schools, and the contribution s of the various stakeholders in the District to transform the goals into reality. The vision statement intends to provide the standards towards which the district should strive to achieve and maintain. These standards serve as both the blueprint for improvement efforts and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.

I. Leadership

An exemplary school district requires effective leaders – leaders who are able to involve staff and community to build a vision that serves as a bridge between the district’s present and the future that it desires. In Gardner, the leaders:

A. Promote, protect and pursue the district’s vision on a daily basis.

B. Establish priorities and focus that provide a sense of direction for the district.

C. Are committed to continuous improvement and provide the ongoing professional development essential to an improving (district and its schools).

D. Facilitate teacher participation in the decision-making process.

E. Facilitate positive relationship among community members, parents, students, staff and faculty.

II. Staff

An exemplary school district operates on the premise that a school is only as good as the people who work in it. Therefore, Gardner Public Schools is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding educators who can advance the district’s vision. In Gardner, all staff members:

A. Are guided bys hared goals and a sense of common purpose.

B. Have high expectations for student achievement and accept responsibility to help students meet those expectations.

C. Collaborate with one another on a regular basis on curriculum, instruction, individual students and school improvement initiatives.

D. Model the importance of life long learning by their commitment to their personal professional growth.

III. Curriculum and Instruction

An exemplary school district provides curriculum that specifies the learning standards that all students are to attain. The district designs its educational programs to enable all students to acquire these outcomes through their Personal Education Plan. In Gardner:

A. The learning standards are guided by specific, clearly stated goals for each grade level and course.

B. The learning standards are aligned from grade to grade and subject to subject so that teachers understand the relationship of their teaching assignment to the rest of the curriculum.

C. The academic progress of each student is closely monitored, and support is provided for those who require additional assistance and/or opportunities.

D. Learning strategies and methods recognize individual learning styles, result in students who are actively engaged, and promote independent and cooperative learning.

E. Systematic process of analysis, goal setting and implementation are in place to demonstrate the district’s commitment to continuous improvement.

IV. School Climate

An exemplary school district ensures that all of its schools provide an orderly, yet inviting, climate that is conducive to learning and protects instructional time. In Gardner:

A. Relationships are based upon mutual respect and consideration.

B. There is a commitment to provide an emotionally and physically safe, supportive environment.

C. School rules are based upon fundamental principles that provide clear guidelines for student behavior.

D. The entire staff helps students understand the importance of school rules by consistently enforcing those rules.

E. There is a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate the efforts and achievements of students and staff.

V. Community Support

An exemplary school district has created an effective partnership with its community. The district is committed to addressing the needs of the community and establishes effective two-way communication to keep residents informed of district policies and initiatives. The community provides the district with the support that is essential to an improving district. Within the Gardner Public Schools:

A. The community has helped develop and has endorsed the district’s vision of the schools it strives to provide.

B. The community provides the resources – personnel, facilities, materials, equipment and time – that enable Gardner Public Schools to offer exemplary programs.

C. The community has access to the schools’ resources and facilities.

D. Parents play an active role in the education of their children, monitor their children’s academic performance and attendance, work with teachers to emphasize the importance of education and model a commitment to lifelong learning.

E. Accomplishments of staff and students are communicated to the public regularly.

VI. Students

In the final analysis, the effectiveness of a school district is determined on the basis of the conduct, character and achievement of its students. In Gardner, students:

A. Accept responsibility for their learning, decisions and actions.

B. Set challenging goals and give their best effort to achieve them.

C. Believe in themselves and take pride in their achievements.

D. Demonstrate a desire to learn.

E. Become actively involved in school activities.

F. Conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe, orderly, positive school atmosphere and respect and ensure the rights of others.

G. Form partnerships with their teachers in working to realize their goals.

Gardner Public Schools is a publicly funded organization
Enrollment: 3200
No. of Schools: 6

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