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Temporary Aide - Secondary Schools

This job has been closed

Summary Information:
Employer: Wichita Public Schools
Position Type: Admin./Support
Categories: Paraprofessional
Teacher Assistant - Sec.
Youth Worker
School / Org: Wichita Public Schools
Location Wichita, Kansas
FTE: 1
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: EAN11988
Posting Date: 20 October 2017
Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Wichita Public Schools is seeking qualified applicants for the following position(s):

Temporary Aide - Secondary Schools

Location: Unassigned

Additional Information:
- Temporary Aide- Secondary
- Limited to 29.5 hours per week (all jobs/hours combined)
- May also be called Temp Term
- Locations will vary according to individual school site needs.
- May be used in Nutrition Services, Lunch Period Aies, Tutors, Volunteer Site Coordinator, Lunch Support, LRE Aides, Ttile I, Instructional Support, ESOL, 1-to-1, etc.

Position Function:
A Temporary Aide functions as a classroom paraeducator for a limited time period. This position holds no benefits, such as health insurance, temporary leave, etc. Candidates do not have to meet the minimum qualifications for a temp aide such as the 48 hours of college education or have passed the ParaPro test.

Temp Aides help to deliver educational programs in the elementary or secondary educational systems. Their role is vital in todayís classroom. The main function of the Aide is to support the teacher working with individual or groups of students. The Aide is assigned to meet the needs of specific students and/or program needs within the school. They work alongside and under the guidance of teacher(s) who is ultimately responsible for the education of all students in the class and the Aide serves as a support.

The development of the Temp Aide role is to link academic assistance, communication and/or understanding between the school, classroom teacher, families and community by assisting at the school conference, gathering or events.

Essential Performance Responsibilities:
- Will spend a large portion of their time in the classroom
- Assist students with lessons under direct supervision of the classroom teacher
- Genuinely committed to helping children learn - assist students and reinforce concepts for individuals or small groups
- Work with teachers to modify activities to meet individual studentís needs
- Assist teachers in monitoring, collecting data, and maintaining records regarding student performance and progress
- Assist in the maintenance of learning areas and/or learning centers and instructional materials and use appropriate educational technology and resources
- Display patience and understanding while managing children
- Ability to work in demanding situations and still maintain a sense of order
- Understand and be sensitive to the obstacles facing the children under supervision. Teach self-help, problem solving and/or coping skills
- Recognize individual learning styles and become knowledgeable of the characteristics of learners you serve (e.g., cultural background, language proficiency, mobility and family dynamics)
- Challenge students to fulfill their potential
- Document parent contacts and inform appropriate personnel. Many contacts are required for studentsí supplemental services.
- Be an active part of an educational team within the students you serve
- Knowledge of various philosophies and theories of education
- Knowledge and skills in working within a multidisciplinary context

Additional Duties: Assists with additional duties as assigned by Supervisor

- HS Diploma or GED
- Certain positions may be required to pass the PCP (physical capacity to perform) based on assigned duties at the specific school

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