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In order to learn the child must first be able to concentrate... but no one can force concentration on him. He develops concentration by fixing his attention on some task he is performing with his hands...

Aided by world-renowned doctor and educator Maria Montessori, the Montessori Philosophy naturally blossomed under her guidance. The Montessori Philosophy is not a step-by-step, foolproof educational curriculum devised through vigorous pedagogical training and intellectual contemplation. Rather, the method evolved naturally and without intention based on

Maria Montessori’s observations of mixed – age children in an optimum environment, the first Children’s House.
In this environment, the ideal conditions were created which helped to bring about the development of the child. It encouraged the children to be their own creators, working actively on their environment to create infinite experiences. By observing their experiences, Maria Montessori came to understand the needs (sensitive periods) of each child at their particular stage of development.

Because of her observations, Maria Montessori provided material, which helped to stimulate the children and expand their experiences; thus, developing the Montessori method we use today.
The characteristics of the Children’s House, served to bring out the true understanding of the child. It was in this environment that the child’s inner nature exposed its true identity and allowed it to be witnessed and understood.

The ideal conditions of a Montessori environment as witnessed at the First Children’s House:

* Proportioned: objects and materials need to be adapted to children’s height, weight, and strength. Tables and chairs need to be child sized. This proportional environment gives the child freedom of movement and allows the child to actively work in his surroundings.

* Limited: the environment should offer limited space and materials so the child does not feel overwhelmed nor fear his surroundings. Rather, the child needs to feel comfortable and have control over his/her domain. This limited aspect helps the child with his sense of order and memory.

* Simple: everything within the environment should be simple. Things should not be too formal or extravagant or the child will feel s/he does not belong. S/he will feel that they cannot touch things. The environment needs to be adapted to the simplicity of the child; simple yet full of experiences.

* Washable: the materials the children use should be washable. It gives them a sense of respect for others knowing that they are returning the objects clean.

* Calm: the ambiance needs to be tranquil, not with too much noise but neither with artificial silence. This tranquility helps the child acquire an inner calm that results in harmony and order. The child feels relaxed knowing he is not rushed through an activity and he can finish what he starts. Also, the order within the room gives confidence and helps him feel at ease within his surroundings.

* Inviting and Attractive: the child should feel welcome in his surroundings. He should want to come to class every day and feel an attraction to the material. The environment and materials should be aesthetically pleasing so that the child will want to use the material to make infinite experiences.

* Control of Error: the materials the child manipulates should be so that he can correct himself. They should serve as a silent teacher whereby the child does not hear the criticisms from an adult but rather realizes errors on his own. Through this system, a child’s confidence thrives and is never thwarted. This system is also very advantageous because the child can work independently and not always rely on the teacher to tell him if he is doing the activity incorrectly.

La Prima Casa Montessori is a Other organization
Enrollment: 150
No. of Schools: 2

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