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Edu-Prize is the first charter school in Arizona to receive A+ recognition!!!

The mission of the Edu-Prize community is to foster an environment of respect, responsibility, and love of learning. Edu-Prize is committed to teaching the "whole child." Using their multiple intelligences, students will grow academically and socially. They will develop their innate giftedness through the use of a hands-on, developmentally appropriate, science-integrated curriculum. They will acquire knowledge and ability in mathematics and language arts creating life-long learners able to succeed in our technological society.

Program Information

A Kinder "garden" where children are nurtured as they grow!

The curriculum at Edu-Prize Charter School focus's on the whole child. Each area of the child is nurtured as we meet their developmental curricular needs. This is completed through a comprehensive program that consists of: a phonics based curriculum, thematic/scientific units (better known as Cottages), writing program, Saxon math as well as music, art computer lab and special science class just for kindergarteners.

Quarter 1 is so exciting. We focus on learning all about your child, the child's family and the child's community. We introduce the child into their school community with open arms. Students learn how to work as a team, develop friendships, and to work in small groups through our unique Edu-Prize Labs. The Cottage focus this quarter is called All About Me. Each student will be the special kid for one week. They will also create a Celebrate Me box which describes their special interests. The quarter will finish up with a Cottage Fair that is reflective of the student, their family and community.

Quarter 2 is a blast. We get into more writing, writing, writing. We have a saying, "Reading through Writing and Writing through Reading!!" Our focus at this time is Fall and Harvest as well as Animals, Animals, Animals. One of the most exciting adventures is at the end of the quarter. We will issue passports to the children and take off on our adventures around the world. This is fun and exciting time for all.

We believe Quarter 3 to be the children's favorite. They love the cold and hot deserts! Did you know that a desert can be "cold"?We learn all about the environment in each desert such as: snakes, lizards and penguins. It is unbelievable all that the children learn. Here their journal writing really takes off as they are anxious to write about all that they have learned!!! We end this quarter with an incredible "Beach Day"

Quarter 4's surprises keep them wanting more. As we learn about life cycles by hatching eggs, turning caterpillars into butterflies and watching tadpoles turn into frogs. If we can find anything else, we'll try that too! The children will create their own Life Cycles 3-D book. We also plant in our own Edu-Prize garden. The children love to watch, wait and see the changes. They enjoy caring for our "cycle" projects.

The year ends with a kindergarten graduation unlike any other. This is a wonderful display of songs and movements reflective of the curriculum throughout the year.

This science based program continues through the year with Modern Curriculum Press phonics program, the continuation with Saxon math and in incredible Four-Blocks Writing program. Reports are also done by the students twice a year. But most importantly we work with you to nurture a love for learning and education that only Edu-Prize can provide.

Grades 1-2

The early school years of a child's life are the most important for setting a foundation of excellence in learning. The goal of the primary team is to develop, nurture and encourage positive learners. Children begin to blossom into excited learners within a multi-age classroom environment. The primary team consists of several multi-age classrooms including 1/2 and 2/3 levels. It is through this philosophy that students take an active role within the classroom through peer teaching. Students will also participate in various learning methods such as independent learning, group work and centers. Creating such an environment allows the teacher to meet the individual needs of all students within the classroom. Students are able to work at their academic ability while developing cooperative learning skills.

The primary setting offers an enjoyable and challenging academic program. Children are offered a hands-on approach. Students improve their reading through the Harcourt Brace Reading Series. Children are also introduced to the seven steps of writing. Writing skills are developed through the Writers' Workshop program, which provides opportunities to brainstorm, write, edit with peers, publish, and share. Edu-Prize also offers a curriculum rich in science. Students at the primary level are continually engaged in fun, exciting and hands on science.

The following thematic science units are taught at the primary level:

* Sweet Shop
* Japanese Boutique
* Plant Nursery
* Card Shop
* Bird House
* Native American Boutique
* Mineral Market
* Bookstore
* Weather Station
* Dinosaurs
* Desert Lab
* Plymouth Plantation
* Safety Zone

Students learn about these science based units through science experiments, field trips, guest speakers, literature, poems, songs, art, dramatic plays, and productions.

Intermediate 1
Grades 3-4

The curriculum of our team is closely aligned with the Arizona State Standards. We use Saxon Math and manipulatives in our math program. In reading we use Harcourt Brace, Literature Studies, and Great Books. In writing, we use Writers Workshop, Step Up to Writing, and the 6 traits of writing. Our cottages are all science-based and our instruction is geared to the level of the child. Our curriculum also includes Character Counts and Standards based language instruction.

The students enjoy and study various cottages such as:

* Poetry Palace
* Arizona Adventure
* Invention Convention
* Mystery Mansion
* Aquarium
* Hawaii House
* Reptile Ranch
* Planetarium
* African Adventure
* Conservation Plantation
* Water Shed

Intermediate 2
Grades 4-6

The Intermediate 2 Team is comprised of thirteen 4th, 5th, & 6th grade classes. This team works very hard together to plan events for their students. This school year has been a great one with many exciting learning activities. The highlights of the year include: Wax Museam, Project exploration, Geography Bee, 100 hour reading, and our spelling bee.

The Intermediate II team has fascinating, science based thematic unites called Cottages. Each nine-week cottage is designed with hands on activities and lessons to stimulate children's interests in many different genres. The cottages for the Intermediate II team consist of:

* Weather Bureau
* Bug Farm
* Greenhouse
* Power House
* Masters Mansion
* Physics Foundry
* Body Shop
* Cultural Museum
* Piggy Bank

Our program also relies heavily on:

* Daily use of planners
* Saxon Math program
* "Do It Right reading program"

Core Classes
Junior High Program (Grades 7-8)

Language Arts: The Language Arts curriculum consists of eight 9-week units. These include Short Stories, Poetry, Language Skills, Mythology, Biography/Non-fiction, Creative Writing, Research/Rhetoric, and The Classics.

Math: The Math curriculum uses the Saxon series of text books, and is aligned to Arizona state standards. Students are placed into math classes by their ability level, not grade level. The classes currently being taught include Math 7/6, 8/7, Alg.1/2, Alg.1, Alg.2, and Advanced Math.

Science: The Science curriculum is divided into eight 9-week units. These are Astronomy, Physics, Biology/Microbiology, Chemistry, Meterology, Botany, Anatomy/Physiology, and Geology.

Social Studies: The first year of Social Studies consists of one 27-week unit, Ancient Civilization through the Renaissance, and one 9-week unit, Economics. The second year covers U.S. History in four 9-week units: America Before Plymouth, Colonization through the Revolution, The Beginning of Government, and Jackson through the Civil War. The curriculum is aligned with Arizona state standards.

Mini Courses

Mini-courses are 9-week classes that all students take. The following courses are offerred on the "odd" school years:

* Health Education
* Sports
* Fix-it Shop

The following courses are offerred on the "even" school years:

* Journalism
* Sports
* Art
* Computer Programming

The following courses are offerred every year:

* Excel: This class is for students who are struggling in any subject. Tutors from NJHS and teachers are available to assist these students in order to maximize their academic success.
* Student Council: Students meeting the requirements for student council help out with various activities, including school dances and fund raisers.
* NJHS: This is a nationwide organization for students with a B average or higher who exhibit the qualities of scholastic leadership. Members tutor other students, manage the recycling program, and routinely conduct drives for the needy.


Students coming to music class at Edu-Prize get a chance to "Step Into the Spotlight," the theme of our new music books. Frequently included in music lessons are opportunities to sing, dance, play instruments, listen, and move. Lessons are tailored to correlate with the classroom cottage theme, if possible, and contain high interest songs and activites designed to assist the students in meetin the Arizona and national standards of music.

Small group lessons are available to 7-8th grade students to assist them in learning to play a band instrument, and choir class is available to those students grades 5-8 who love to sing.

Music is a fun activity at Edu-Prize and students love it!

Physical Education

Through meticulous preparation, which incorproates the Panagrazi teaching methods, we ensure each child is given the opportunity to develop and learn a plethora of physical education skills. Positive reinforcement and certificates of achievement encourage the students to continously perform at their optimum levels. Our curriculum is very broad and includes cross curricula activities such as problem solving, decision making, science, geography and math. We also work on skills associated with all the traditional sports as well as some which are not so recognized, including handball, paddleball, rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse and badminton.

There are two teachers in the physical education department who teach every child from K-8. Both teachers are committed to ensuring each child has a positive and memorable experience on every occasion they have P.E.
And remember...a healthy body equals a healthy mind!


Students at Edu-Prize have one Science Lab rotation each 9 week quarter. The rotation lasts from 6-8 days and incorporates 35 minutes of hands-on scientific exploration during each of those days. By utilizing the hands-on approach to learning in the science lab, students naturally move through the 12 processes of basic scientific investigation. These processes start as simple as students learning to observe and move to more complex tasks such formulating and testing hypotheses. Incorporated into the move through the 12 processes of science students are also learning to use the scientific method of solving problems. Students start with a question, come up with a hypothesis, perform experiments and come up with conclusions based on their experiences. The scientific topics covered in the Science Lab support the student's homeroom cottage theme for that quarter. For example, those students in the Planetarium cottage will take a closer look at Jupiter and 4 of its moons while on a virtual tour in the classroom. The Invention Convention cottage has students observing, feeling and learning about a foreign substance called "Oobleck" which comes from a planet in another solar system. While primary students are learning about weather in their classroom Weather Station cottage, they get to learn about the water cycle in the Science Lab. Their weather experiences are culminated by making home-made ice cream the real "old-fashioned" way.

This is just a small sampling of the many experiences students have in the Science Lab at Edu-Prize. Besides these phenomenal experiences within the classroom, students also get to be a part of scientific investigations outside the classroom. Students get their hands dirty while planting in our own soil garden, and do a cleaner form of gardening in our hydroponic greenhouse. They get to experience the process of composting utilizing a composter and making worm tea with a worm farm. Again these are just a couple of the many live learning experiences students get to experience on the campus. Science at Edu-Prize is a thoroughly unique and educational experience for the students. The best part of all is that the students are constructing their own knowledge through their personal experiences not solely by what textbooks are telling them. The learning that takes place is exciting, fun, sticks with them for years to come and keeps the students coming back for more!


Edu-Prize School has five computer labs dedicated to 35-minute Specials classes. Our labs are equipped with over twenty computers, one for each student in class. We utilize color laser printers, digital cameras, scanners, Proxima equipment, VCRs, and other technology equipment.

Software used in the labs includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Rosetta Stone, Buensoft Spanish, All the Right Type, KidPix, and Storybook Weaver. Internet resources are used to develop research skills in the areas of Math, Science, and Reading.

Each lab cultivates distinct computer skills. Our Cottage Lab instructor has designed distinctive technology-based activities for over 40 cottage themes.

Skills Lab is used to develop students' keyboarding and writing abilities, and to introduce Spanish Language skills.

All students must have a parent/guardian permission slip signed and on file in order to use the Internet in the computer lab and in the classrooms.

Edu-Prize is a Other organization
Enrollment: 1128
No. of Schools: 1

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