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THE Metlakatla Indian Community

Metlakatla is the sole community located on the Annette Island, a federally recognized Indian Reserve, 630 miles north of Seattle and 20 miles south of Ketchikan. A federal census was taken on March 24, 2000 and the tribal enrollment of Metlakatla was 1,983 whom are of North American Indian ethnicity, most of those associated with the Tsimshian Tribe.

The Metlakatla Indian Community is a comprehensive and independent community, which offers a wide variety of services to its residents. The public services offered to residents of Metlakatla include a police force of approximately 4 police officers 1 Fish & Wildlife Officer and Chief of Police. Community operated fire protection, water and sewer systems maintained by the community, paved streets, sidewalks, and a contemporary telephone system. Private businesses offer an array of services to all residents of Annette Island and the Metlakatla Community. Those services include one gas station, two clothing stores, several curio/gift shops, several video rental services, a restaurant, two grocery stores, a well-stocked hardware store and a variety of specialty stores and services operated from business locations or homes. The community also hosts seven churches of a variety of denominations and philosophies.

The Alaska Marine Highway [Ferry Services] and two floatplane operations provide transportation to and from Metlakatla. The ferry provides weekly arrivals and departures and each float place services provide daily scheduled flights.

The governance of Metlakatla is a Mayor/Council form of government. Membership on the Council is restricted to bonafide members of the Metlakatla Indian Community. This Mayor/Council form of government has enacted a comprehensive set of regulations and laws, which govern the behavior of individuals in the community. Metlakatla Law prohibits the use, possession, sale, barter, trade or manufacture of alcohol and drugs.

Residents of Metlakatla are provided a variety of excellent recreational opportunities. Those opportunities include access to a comprehensive television cable service, two breakwater facilities for boating, hiking, clamming, crabbing, and sport fishing for salmon, halibut, snapper and trout.

Housing in Metlakatla is relatively inexpensive compared to other communities Alaska. Apartments rent for $350-$550 per month with houses renting between $500-$800 per month.

The Metlakatla Community is proud of its schools, it is attracted to school activities and is extremely supportive of the educational personnel associated with the district. Good relationship exists between the community and the school. The school and community have a strong belief in the promise which education provides for their community.

Metlakatla, because of its Southeast location, is situated on the Pacific Ocean, enjoys a maritime climate with mean summer temperatures of 65 degrees and winter temperatures of 42 degrees. Annual rainfall varies between 140 and 180 inches per year.

The Annette Islands School District

The Annette Islands School District offers a comprehensive education program for approximately 283 students. At this writing, the district employs 36 full time teachers, a 7-12 Principal, a K-6 Principal, a superintendent, business manager. In addition, 25 support personnel provide secretarial, clerical, food service, custodial and maintenance support.

The campus consists of elementary school, kindergarten through grade 6, which offers educational services to approximately 140 students, 7-12 schools with approximately 143 students. In addition, the district has initiated an alternative high school program for students who are best educated in a setting, which is characterized by less structure and a closer relationship with one teacher. Approximately ninety seven percent [97%] of the studentís graduate from high school and approximately fifty percent [50%] of the graduates pursue education beyond the high school diploma. This training is in two-year and four-year colleges and vocational schools. The remaining graduates tend to work in the community.

Annette Islands School District is a publicly funded organization
Enrollment: 283
No. of Schools: 3

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